Mr. Lemon Carwash


  • A Professionally Built Hand Car Wash in Feltham
  • Price starts from as Low as £4
  • All Services including Wash & Go, Out Side wash with Soft Cloths Dry
  • Inside and Dash board cleaning with Silicon and Plastic Shine
  • Alloy Wheels treatment for extra Dirty Wheels
  • Tyres Dressing and Shine 
  • Professional and Trained Staff
  • Excellent Products and Equipment on Feltham High Street.
  • All Car Clean Services, Detailing, Valeting, Polishing of Cars / Vans under a roof.
  • Top of the range products & equipment used to give the perfect LEMON finish
  • We Polish every car for perfect shine
  • We used Compressed Air for stone dry finish
  • We use Car Friendly products to keep your car safe
  • Experience Softening Shampoo & Friendly Chemicals
  • Feel the Magic of Compressed Air
  • Enjoy the Polish with Foam Shine & Powerful Vaccum
  • Please Come to Mr. Lemon and You will experience an excellent carwash